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Wiz, The Musical Lyrics

Wiz, The description

Music & lyrics are written by T. Graphenreed, Z. Walzer, H. Wheeler, G. Faison & L. Vandross. A libretto is done by W. F. Brown. This work paraphrased a famous book by F. Baum in urbanized & modernized ambiance of African-American cultivation. The histrionics was opened in Baltimore in late 1974 & every performer in this piece was dark-skinned.

In 1975, the Broadway histrionics won 7 Tonies, one was for superior play. This spectacular had been amongst 1st examples, where all actors had a dark color of their skin. The play received numerous productions in NY, Europe & Holland. As of 2016, it is running in the USA.
In 1978, viewers might behold a big-screen variant of it titled the same, directed by S. Lumet. Since then, this piece became a cult thing. Diana Ross was amongst leading actors of the film. The motion picture also was presenting Michael Jackson on the screen (as the Jackstraw).

The original idea came to producer K. Harper. Premiere was preceded by a successful advertising campaign, in which the audience well remembered the song ‘Ease On Down the Road’, later becoming a hit. It was even recorded & released as a separate single.

Along with Purlie of 1971 & Raisin of 1974, this theatrical became the largest project involving only black actors. Show has prepared the ground for future African American musicals, which frequently became hits.
Release date: 1975
Last Update:July, 29th 2016

Wiz, The Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue Lyrics
  3. The Feeling That We Have Lyrics
  4. He's the Wizard Lyrics
  5. Soon as I Get Home Lyrics
  6. I Was Born On The Day Before Yesterday Lyrics
  7. Ease on Down the Road 1 Lyrics
  8. Slide Some Oil to Me Lyrics
  9. Ease On Down The Road 2 Lyrics
  10. I'm a Mean Ole Lion Lyrics
  11. Ease On Down The Road 3 Lyrics
  12. Be a Lion Lyrics
  13. So You Wanted to See the Wizard Lyrics
  14. What Would I Do If I Could Feel Lyrics
  15. Act 2
  16. Don't Nobody Bring Me No Bad News Lyrics
  17. A Brand New Day Lyrics
  18. Who Do You Think You Are? Lyrics
  19. If You Believe Lyrics
  20. Y'all Got It! Lyrics
  21. If You Believe (Reprise) Lyrics
  22. Home (Finale) Lyrics
  23. Other Songs
  24. Can I Go On Lyrics
  25. You Can't Win Lyrics

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