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Wild Party Musical Lyrics

Wild Party description

The histrionics ‘The Wild Party’ is based on the novel by J. Moncure March, released in 1928. A. Lippa has created the libretto to a musical, writing also music and lyrics. Working on the show has started in Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center in 1997.

Broadway theatrical debuted in the 1999-2000 season. Gabriel Barre was a director; choreographer was Mark Dendya. After 54 shows, it was closed. But for many fans, music from this retro vaudeville was soon released on a special music CD album.

In 2004, the revision of ‘The Wild Party’ started at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe, it has successfully hit the road with tours across the country, and has been featured in many states. Eventually, in 2008, the re-thought musical started in Brooklyn, New York, in the ‘Gallery Players’ with A. Schulz in the title role. In 2013, the play received many rave reviews from theater critics. According to them, A. Lippa quite successfully portrayed the jazz style of beginning of XX, along with vaudeville performances of the actors of that time.

In 2015, a concerto version of the play opened in New York City Center. The creators have tried to preserve the original Broadway style as much as possible, but entered a few new characters and changed the lyrics a bit. In 2000, the musical has received Drama Desk Award for best music, although it was nominated in 14 positions in total. It was noted by independent critics as the best off-Broadway production of the year.

The productions by A. Lippa and by M. J. LaChiusa have differences. Lippa concentrated his play on the love triangle. However, the lyrics of his songs are independent and well perceived without the context of the libretto. The concert staging by LaChiusa has more actors, the lyrics much more tied to everything happening on stage.
Release date: 2000
Last Update:July, 25th 2016

Wild Party Lyrics

  1. The Wild Party - Original Off-Broadway Cast:
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  3. Out Of The Blues Lyrics
  4. What A Party Lyrics
  5. Raise The Roof Lyrics
  6. Look At Me Now Lyrics
  7. Poor Child Lyrics
  8. An Old-Fashioned Love Story Lyrics
  9. By Now The Room Was Moving Lyrics
  10. The Juggernaut Lyrics
  11. A Wild, Wild Party Lyrics
  12. Two Of A Kind Lyrics
  13. Maybe I Like It This Way Lyrics
  14. What Is It About Her? Lyrics
  15. The Life Of The Party Lyrics
  16. I'll Be Here Lyrics
  17. Let Me Drown Lyrics
  18. Tell Me Something Lyrics
  19. Come With Me Lyrics
  20. Jackie's Last Dance Lyrics
  21. Make Me Happy Lyrics
  22. How Did We Come To This?/Queenie Was A Blonde (Reprise) Lyrics
  23. The Wild Party (LaChiusa) - Original Broadway Cast:
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  32. Gold & Goldberg Lyrics
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  34. Best Friend Lyrics
  35. A Little Mmm Lyrics
  36. Tabu / Taking Care Of The Ladies Lyrics
  37. Wouldn't It Be Nice? Lyrics
  38. Lowdown-Down Lyrics
  39. Gin / Wild Lyrics
  40. Black Is A Moocher Lyrics
  41. People Like Us Lyrics
  42. After Midnight Dies Lyrics
  43. When The Golden Boy Goes Down Lyrics
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  45. The Lights Of Broadway Lyrics
  46. More Lyrics
  47. Love Ain't Nothin'/ Welcome To Her Party Lyrics
  48. How Many Women In The World? Lyrics
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