Wildcat (musical) (lyrics, songs)

The libretto was written by N. R. Nash. Lyrics composed by C. Leigh. Music was written by C. Coleman. Pre-Broadway show was held in Philadelphia Erlanger Theatre in October 1960. Try-outs were hosted by Alvin Theatre. They began in mid-December 1960. The theatrical was on Broadway from December 1960 to June 1961. There were held two preliminaries and 171 regular performances. Production was realized by the director and choreographer M. Kidd. In the musical, the cast was the following: L. Ball, K. Andes, P. Stewart, K. Ayers, C. Braswell, D. Tomkins & C. David. In August 1962, the play was showed on Storrowton Music Fair in West Springfield Exposition Park. Production was carried out by the director R. Barstow and choreographer B. Foster. The show had cast: M. Raye, R. Gallagher, N. Doggett, R. Hall, D. Potter & A. Nunn.

In July 1963, the spectacular was hosted by Starlight Theatre. The production was developed by the director G. Jordan and choreographer H. Dorn. The actors were: M. Raye, M. MacRae, J. Macaulay, E. King, G. Wallace, R. Hall, J. Powers & D. Tomkins. In May 2009, the musical was held in Eureka Theatre, developed by K. Thibodeaux and choreographed by T. Segal. This version of the performance had cast: M. McVerry, R. Pingree, R. Hatzenbeller, J. Torres, R. Pardini, C. Altman, P. Budinger, R. Cowan, D. Collard, J. Featherstone & M. Ianiro. In December 2010, NY’s Julia Miles Theatre hosted a one-time showing of the concert version of the play. It was directed and choreographed by J. Shoesmith-Fox. In the show were involved: J. Mendez, L. Mason, R. Cuccioli, B. Fowler, L. Wolpe, J. Gambatese, V. D'Elia & L. E. Street. The album recording was made in 1960 with participation of Broadway actors. In 1961, the musical has received an award from the Outer Critics Circle.
Release date: 1960
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Wildcat lyrics list

  1. Act 1
  2. I Hear Lyrics   add
  3. Hey, Look Me Over! Lyrics   add
  4. Wildcat Lyrics   add
  5. You've Come Home Lyrics   add
  6. That's What I Want for Janie Lyrics   add
  7. What Takes My Fancy Lyrics   add
  8. You're a Liar! Lyrics   add
  9. One Day We Dance Lyrics   add
  10. Give a Little Whistle Lyrics   add
  11. Tall Hope Lyrics   add
  12. Act 2
  13. Tippy, Tippy Toes Lyrics   add
  14. El Sombrero Lyrics   add
  15. Corduroy Road Lyrics   add
  16. Finale Lyrics   add
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