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Who's Tommy, The Musical Lyrics

Who's Tommy, The description

Songs to this rock musical wrote P. Townshend. Libretto composed P. Townshend and D. McAnuff. Also were used additional materials by J. Entwistle, S. B. Williamson and K. Moon. From July to August 1992, the play took place in the Mandell Weiss Theater, under the direction of D. McAnuff and choreographed by W. Cilento. The musical involved cast: P. Kandel, M. Mitzman, A. Barrile, N. Carin, M. Cerveris, J. Dukochitz, R. Fitts & T. Flynn. Trials on Broadway began in St. James Theatre at the end of March 1993. The play lasted from April 1993 to June 1995 with 27 preliminaries and almost 900 regular performances. They were developed by D. McAnuff & W. Cilento. The cast of actors was: M. Cerveris, M. Mitzman, J. Dokuchitz, A. Barrile, C. Freeman & P. Kandel.

Between March 1996 and February 1997, the Shaftesbury Theatre hosted the London production, realized by D. McAnuff and W. Cilento. The cast was the following: P. Keating, I. Bartholomew, K. Wilde & A. Robins. In 2001, they launched the North American tour. The theatrical has been developed by a film director and choreographer T. Stevens. The cast was: M. Seelbach, L. Capps, M. Berry, C. Russo, J. S. Porter & D. C. Levine. In December 2008, the August Wilson Theatre hosted a concerto with the participation of artists from Broadway show. From May to October 2013, a musical showed in Avon Theatre as part of the Canadian ‘Stratford Festival’. The performance had cast: R. Markus, K. Guloien, J. Kushnier, P. Nolan & S. Ross. From July to August 2015, Greenwich Theatre hosted a revised London production. Musical was prepared by director M. Strassen & choreographer M. Smith. This theatrical had such cast: A. Birchall, J. Barr, J. Sinclair & M. Wilford. Staging has received a number of awards.
Release date: 1992
Last Update:July, 25th 2016

Who's Tommy, The Lyrics

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