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White Christmas Musical Lyrics

White Christmas description

Libretto wrote P. Blake & D. Ives. Songs composed by Irving Berlin. The world opening night was in the mid of 2000 in Muny Theater. Director C. Repole & choreographer T. Walsh have created this performance. This play included the following actors: H. Keel, K. Mason, L. R. Reams, L. Teeter & L. Kennedy. In the last two months of 2004, the histrionics was held in Currant Theatre. This version had director W. Bobbie & choreographer R. Skinner. Histrionics involved: J. Denman, A. Barzee, M. Patterson, C. Dean, B. d'Arcy James & H. R. Kornfeld. In 2006-2007 started the first Britain voyage with the following cast: C. McLachlan, R. Stanley, E. K. Nelson & T. Flavin. In 2007-2008 was started the 2nd UK voyage. From November 2008 to January 2009 was exhibited the Broadway production, with 12 preliminaries & 53 regular shows. This resurrection had been developed by R. Skinner & W. Bobbie. The actors’ list consisted of: S. Bogardus, J. Denman, K. O'Malley & M. Patterson.

From Nov. 2009 to Jan. 2010, the Marquis Theatre hosted an updated version of the show. There were 13 preliminaries & 51 regular performances. The actors’ list was: J. Clow, T. Yazbeck, M. Davi & M. Errico. In 2009-2010 was started the third UK tour with the following actors: A. Jones, S. Shaw, A. Cooper, L. Plowright & R. Stanley. In 2010-2011 took place the fourth UK voyage with actors: T. Chambers, A. Cooper, R. Stanley & L. Bowden. In November 2014, Dominion Theatre hosted the premiere of West End performance. The play had cast: T. Chambers, A. Jones, R. Stanley & L. Bowden. In 2014-2015 was started the first North American voyage. Production realized director & choreographer R. Skinner. The musical had this cast: J. Benton, J. Clow, K. Davidson & T. Moldovan. The show was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:July, 25th 2016

White Christmas Lyrics

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  3. Happy Holidays Lyrics
  4. White Christmas Lyrics
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  6. Love and the Weather Lyrics
  7. Sisters Lyrics
  8. The Best Things Happen When You Are Dancing Lyrics
  9. Snow Lyrics
  10. What Can You do With A General? Lyrics
  11. Let Me Sing and I AM Happy Lyrics
  12. Count Your Blessings Lyrics
  13. Blue Skies Lyrics
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  15. I Love A Piano Lyrics
  16. Falling Out of Love Lyrics
  17. Love , You didn't Do Right By Me Lyrics
  18. How Deep Is The Ocean? Lyrics
  19. We'll Follow the Old Man Lyrics
  20. I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm Lyrics

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