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Victor / Victoria Musical Lyrics

Victor / Victoria description

The preliminaries of the histrionics took place in the mid of 1995 in Chicago. Afterwards, in late summer of 1995, this theatrical opened in Marquis Theatre on mid of the autumn 1995 on Broadway. The performance had 734 main exhibitions & 25 preliminaries. It was closed on 1997’s summer. Musical’s libretto was written by B. Edwards, choreography staged R. A. Marshall, composer – L. Bricusse. Songs’ lyrics made by F. Wildhorn. The following cast was in the play: R. York, G. Jbara, J. Andrews, M. Nouri, R. Ashford, T. Roberts & R. B. Shull.

In the period of 1998-1999, the spectacular went into national tour with such cast: T. Tennille, D. Cole, J. Ross, D. L. Mauro & A. J. Irvin. In 1995, the histrionics was televised in Japan. In 2012, the theatrical was also staged in London.

A record amount was spent to produce the staging – 15 million dollars. There are no data about profitability of this production. But, judging by the fact of 700+ runs, it should have been recouped. In 1997, when J. Andrews was in a four-week vacation, the main role in the play performed inimitable Liza Minnelli.
Release date: 1995
Last Update:August, 11th 2016

Victor / Victoria Lyrics

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