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Tell Me On A Sunday Musical Lyrics

Tell Me On A Sunday description

A. Lloyd Webber composed music in this histrionics. D. Black is the lyricist. In September 1979, histrionics was presented for the 1st time. M. Webb was a main star. At the beginning of 1980, recording for the BBC was made. In 1982, they added ballet to this production, created by Lloyd Webber in 1977. After these changes had been introduced, the play had been renamed onto ‘Song & Dance’ & renewed two-act musical was presented in London. Theatrical was produced from April 1982 to the mid of 1984. It had undergo 781 exhibitions. It was directed by J. Caird & choreographed by A. V. Laast. Actors were: S. Brightman, G. Craven, M. Webb & L. Robertson.

Pre-Broadway demonstrations started in September 1985. The grand opening took place in the Sept. 1985. Since then and to Nov. 1986, it lived through 17 trials & 450+ main theatricals. Director of productions was R. Maltby, Jr. P. Martins was responsible for choreography. Libretto & lyrics wrote R. Maltby, Jr. Actors were: G. Burge, B. Peters, D. Faye, M. E. Stuart, C. Onrubia & C. d'Amboise.

In 2003, an updated version of this play was hosted by Gielgud Theatre located in London. Musical lasted for 10 months. After this, spectacular was re-thought by J. Clune. The staging was directed by C. Luscombe. In a play participated D. Van Outen in the head role. UK tour included: M. Webb, F. Tozer & P. Palmer. In 2008, a spectacle was hosted by NY’s L. Beechman Theatre with the participation of M. Linehan as the main hero. From August 2010 to autumn 2011, this piece was presented in Northampton's Royal Theatre. Director was T. Harvey. C. Sweeney played the main character. At the beginning of 2014, a new version of the British spectacle was presented in St. James Theatre. From February to March 2014, it was shown in the Duchess Theatre.
Release date: 1985
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

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