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Tale of Two Cities, A Musical Lyrics

Tale of Two Cities, A description

The libretto & the songs created by J. Santoriello. In 2002 was released a concept CD with compositions of future production. In the record took part: B. D. Howard, P. Castree, J. M. McVey, A. Santoriello & T. Shew. In August 2004, New York's Little Shubert Theatre hosted 2 exhibitions of the play. Director was G. Stroman. In the show were involved such actors: J. Barbour, G. Creel, J. Powers, E. Dixon & N. Wyman. Scheduled for 2005 subsequent pre-Broadway shows & opening in 2006 on Broadway had been decided to postpone due to the departure of director D. H. Bell from the project & funding problems. In the end of 2007, try-outs were in Florida, followed by the 2-month national tour. The director of the histrionics was M. D. Edwards, choreographer – W. Carlyle. The spectacular involved such actors: J. Barbour, D. Keeling & J. Rush.

Try-outs on Broadway started in August 2008. The musical was held in Al Hirschfeld Theatre from September to November 2008, giving 33 preliminaries & 60 regular performances. Production realized director & choreographer W. Carlyle. The list of participating actors was: J. Barbour, C. Bennett, B. Burkhardt, K. Earley, G. Edelman, M. Hayward-Jones & M. Kath. At the beginning of 2011, the spectacular was held in Hale Center Theatre. The production has been developed by director J. J. Sweeney. The performance had cast: D. Weed, K. Olsen, P. Cartwright, R. Richins, A. Jeffries & D. Weekes. From June to August 2012, the staging took place in Seoul’s Haeorum Theater, where it had 56 performances. The cast was: Seo Bhum-seok, Han Ji-sang & Lee Kun-myung. In 2012-2013, musical was seen in Germany, Canada & Japan. The play was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:July, 18th 2016

Tale of Two Cities, A Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. The Shadows of the Night Lyrics
  3. The Way It Ought to Be Lyrics
  4. Who Are You / You'll Never Be Alone Lyrics
  5. No Honest Way Lyrics
  6. The Trial Lyrics
  7. Round and Round Lyrics
  8. Reflection Lyrics
  9. Letter From Uncle Lyrics 
  10. The Promise Lyrics
  11. I Can't Recall Lyrics
  12. Resurrection Man Lyrics
  13. Now at Last Lyrics 
  14. If Dreams Came True Lyrics
  15. Out of Sight, Out of Mind Lyrics
  16. Little One Lyrics
  17. Until Tomorrow Lyrics
  18. Act 2
  19. Everything Stays the Same Lyrics
  20. The Tale Lyrics
  21. If Dreams Came True (Reprise) Lyrics
  22. Without a Word Lyrics
  23. The Bluff Lyrics
  24. Let Her Be a Child Lyrics
  25. The Letter Lyrics 
  26. Finale Lyrics
  27. Other Songs
  28. It Won't Be Long Lyrics
  29. Up In the Garret Lyrics
  30. All In My Mind Lyrics
  31. No One Else Lyrics

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