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The musical includes more than 20 songs. The premiere of the spectacular was held in London's West End in January 2002. Christopher Renshaw became director. The actors were – Boy George, L. Evans, R. E. Esparza, E. Douglas, G. Morton, D. L. Pilkington, S. U. Berry, J. Carlson & B. Elliot. American actress & comedian R. O'Donnell liked the play so much, so she decided to finance the staging of the musical on Broadway. After 16 previews, the show starts in November 2003 in the Plymouth Theatre. The American public reacted to the setting pretty chilly. After 100 displays, the theatrical was closed because of the negative reviews. The investments have not recouped.

The histrionics revived only in 2012 in south London in Brixton. The director has made some changes in the plot by introducing new characters. B. George & K. Frost wrote two new songs for this production. The show had a greater success – 213 performances have been shown. The play closed at the end of March 2013.
Release date: 2003
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