Taboo synopsis

Taboo synopsis

Taboo Synopsis - Broadway musical

Billy is a fellow from a small provincial town, who tired of boring and futile life. So he travels to the capital, hoping to make a career as a photographer. He met with the youngsters, strange people, dressed provocatively. Philip was one of them. With him, the young provincial fellow makes his first photo shoot, and he introduces him to Boy George – musician, the man who wears extravagant women's clothes and has dreams of huge popularity. Musician flirts with a young photographer, tells him about his non-traditional gender orientation, and woos him in every possible way. In parallel, a guy meets a girl Kim – a young designer making a friendship with these people. Young couple falls into relationship, in which constantly intrudes Boy George, trying to shift attention of the photographer on himself.

Billy conducts a nightclub life, doing photo sessions, meeting with many people, of the existence of which he had never suspected before, being in a small town. In the lens of his camera get: Steve Strange – popular singer, Marilyn – model, Petal – transvestite and drug dealer and Leigh – famous designer, who is escorted by the girls in the status of slaves. The last one favourably refers to the young man.

Billy constantly has infighting. On the one hand, love to Kim, sweet and unspoiled girl, on the other hand – a vicious and bright world of wealth and men, who lead life in vain. These people live unusually, only for themselves, not having interest in the problems of the outer world.

In the course of the musical appears mom of the fellow – Josie, who became friends with his girlfriend. They become partners in business and open a small design studio. Mom was a seamstress in her little hometown, and now she was able to escape from the routine and to start a new life here.

Boy George is becoming popular. He has fame and money. But drug dependency also appears. Photographer comes to him to do a photo shoot, but the star does not notice him. The guy is ready to become like Boy George, for the sake of fame and fortune, and he goes to the famous designer. He offers the photographer to become a model of his clothing. At the fashion show during the award part, a man was congratulated by a long kiss by Boy George. The witnesses of this scene were mom and a friend of photographer. A scandal broke out.

In London arrives a father of a fellow – Derek – to ask where his wife and son had escaped. Josie explained to her husband that she is happy and not going back home. Frustrated and rejected husband leaves, on the way beating-up Philip, who wanted to be compassionate to him.

Leigh dies of AIDS, George is done with drugs, Billy returns to Kim. The action moved to India, where Krishna-believer appears, talking about the vicissitudes of life, and that love overcomes everything.
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