Summer of '42 (musical) (lyrics, songs)

The songs written by D. Kirshenbaum. Libretto prepared by H. Foster. The premiere was in Chester’s Norma Terris Theatre from August to September 2000. Histrionics was directed and choreographed by G. Barre. The staging had this cast: I. Menzel, R. Driscoll, B. Tabisel, J. Marcus, M. Farnsworth & J. Goodman. In October 2000, a musical was shown in Dayton Victoria Theatre. In July 2001, the show took place in California MVCPA. The cast has changed a little – in the show entered K. J. Grant & E. Webley. Off-Broadway production was shown from December 2001 to January 2002 in the Variety Arts Theatre, directed by G. Barre. In the spectacular were involved: R. Driscoll, K. J. Grant, C. Keenan-Bolger, J. Marcus, G. Stone, B. Tabisel, M. V. Walker & E. Webley.

In October 2003, the play was in Texas’ Casa Manana Theatre. The director of the show was G. Barre. Stars: R. York & J. Gallagher. In May 2005, the Theatre at St. Peter's Church hosted a concert after this musical. Production was prepared by G. Barre. The cast involved: R. York, R. Driscoll, C. Keenan-Bolger, M. V. Walker, D. Ferland, B. Tabisel, J. Gallagher, A. Miodovnik & B. Buell. From June to July 2007 it was exhibited in Round House Theatre, directed by M. McDonough. The main cast was: N. Snow & R. Nealy. From July to August 2013, this piece was in Philadelphia Bucks County Playhouse, prepared by director H. Foster & choreographer L. Latarro. The musical included actors: B. Buntain, J. Dippel, A. Gagarin, F. M. Haynie, B. Hogg & B. Mayne. In 2007, the recording of an album has been produced. In 2001, production was nominated for Outer Critics Circle, but didn’t win.
Release date: 2007
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Summer of '42 lyrics list

  1. Prelude Lyrics   add
  2. The Summer You'll Always Remember Lyrics   add
  3. The Terrible Trio Lyrics   add
  4. Here and Now Lyrics   add
  5. Will That Ever Happen To Me? Lyrics   add
  6. Winchell report #1 Lyrics   add
  7. You're Gonna Miss Me Lyrics   add
  8. Little Did I Dream Lyrics   add
  9. Mr. Sanders #1 Lyrics   add
  10. The Walk Lyrics   add
  11. Unfinished Business Lyrics   add
  12. Make You Mine Lyrics   add
  13. Mr. Sanders #2 / Here and Now (Reprise) Lyrics   add
  14. The Drugstore Lyrics   add
  15. The Jitterbug Lyrics   add
  16. The Marshmallow Roast Lyrics   add
  17. The Campfire Lyrics   add
  18. Hermie And Dorothy Lyrics   add
  19. Promise of the Morning Lyrics   add
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