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Subways Are for Sleeping Musical Lyrics

Subways Are for Sleeping description

The music for the show wrote J. Styne. The libretto and lyrics were composed by A. Green & B. Comden, accordingly. Pre-Broadway run took place in November 1961 in Philadelphian Shubert Theatre. From late November to mid-December 1961, the histrionics was in Boston Colonial Theatre. Try-outs on Broadway began in late December 1961. Five days before the New Year in St. James Theatre was the premiere of the play. The last performance was in June 1962 after 2 preliminaries & 205 regular performances. Production was realized by the director and choreographer M. Kidd. Scenography has been designed by W. S. Armstrong. Costumes made F. Wittop. The main roles in the theatrical performed C. Lawrence & S. Chaplin. Other actors were: C. Young, P. Newman, O. Bean, J. Sharpe, G. Connell & G. Varrone. In the XXI century, Opening Doors Theatre Company carried out a new production. The musical was held in New York’s Duplex Cabaret Theatre in November 2009, directed by H. Coris and choreographed by D. Funes. The cast involved S. Plachy, E. Cronican, S. M. Harrison & L. Windsor. In 1961, they carried out a record of album with members of the Broadway show. In 1962, production received three Tony Award nominations, winning one.
Release date: 1961
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Subways Are for Sleeping Lyrics

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