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Steel Pier Musical Lyrics

Steel Pier description

The libretto was written by D. Thompson. Music created J. Kander. Lyrics composed by F. Ebb. Pre-Broadway 8-weeks show was held in New York’s 890 Broadway studios from June to July 1996. The show had such cast: K. Ziemba, G. Harrison, D. McDonald & D. Monk. Try-outs of the play began on Broadway in late March 1997. Premiere was in April at the Richard Rodgers Theatre. The finale of performance was at the end of June 1997. There were shown 33 preliminaries & 76 regular performances. Production was carried out by director S. Ellis & choreographer S. Stroman. In the Broadway’s histrionics were involved: D. McDonald, K. Ziemba, J. Blum, D. Monk, G. Harrison, V. Wright, R. Carroll, T. Warmen, A. Bevan & J. Newman.

The London premiere was held at the Bridewell Theatre – theatrical has been shown in February 2011. Production was carried out by director P. Taylor-Mills & choreographer J.-L. Wilde. In the performance participated: T. Cicirello, F. Crook, J. Eggleton, M. Grant, S. Feenay, M. Barksby, L. Mansell, J. Matthew-Hughes, J. Hailston & J. Armstrong. Staging in the West End was hosted by Union Theatre, where it took place from October to November 2012. Production has been developed by director P. Taylor-Mills & choreographer R. Jones. This version of musical had such cast: C. L. Connolly, N. Douglas, S. Galbraith, L. Roberts, J. Rincon, B. Beard, A. Atkinson, L.-A. Wood, I. Knauer, R. Lines, I. Kirton, A. Anzel, S. Parker & B. Shiels. The Broadway production was nominated for several awards.
Release date: 1997
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Steel Pier Lyrics

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  3. Willing To Ride Lyrics
  4. Everybody Dance Lyrics
  5. Second Chance Lyrics
  6. A Powerful Thing Lyrics
  7. Dance With Me/The Last Girl Lyrics
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  9. Everybody's Girl Lyrics
  10. Wet Lyrics
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  19. Steel Pier Lyrics
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