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Starlight Express Musical Lyrics

Starlight Express description

The author is Andrew Lloyd Webber. Adaptation has been provided by D. Yazbek & A. L. Webber. Lyrics have been created by R. Stilgoe, D. Black, D. Yazbek & N. Coler. As the basis of the idea, the director and screenwriter T. Nunn, together with Webber, took Cinderella’s story and rehashed it in a new way. Such an unusual project saw the light in the spring of 1984 in London's Apollo Victoria Theatre. This was one of the most successful musicals in West End – it survived almost 7500 exhibitions. The show ended in January 2002. The performance had this cast: F. Ruffelle, S. Lawrence, J. Daniel, J. Shankley & R. Shell. Production on Broadway, which opened at the Gershwin Theatre, was not as successful as the British one. From March 1987 to January 1989 there were 761 presentations until closure.

The German interpretation of the play happened in June 1988. Especially for it, in less than a year was built Starlighthalle theater in Bochum, where the play lives till today. By March 2012, it was viewed by more than 13 million people in Germany. The show includes these actors: L. George, K. Köhler, J. E. Estrada, A. Dever & U. Kröger amongst others. There is a version of this performance called ‘Feld Entertainment’, where the whole action takes place on the ice. However, ice skating show has not met the expectations of its creators, turning unprofitable. In 1992, London version of theatrical introduced changes: it received the name ‘New Starlight Express’. Numerous tours in New Zealand, Japan, Australia, the USA, the UK and other part of Europe confirmed the keen interest of the audience to this show. The Broadway’s version has received two awards from the Drama Desk & 1 Tony. Also it has been nominated for Theatre World Aw. London production was nominated for Laurence Olivier.
Release date: 1987
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Starlight Express Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics
  3. Rolling Stock Lyrics
  4. Taunting Rusty Lyrics 
  5. Call Me Rusty Lyrics
  6. Rusty, You Can't Be Serious Lyrics
  7. A Lotta Locomotion Lyrics
  8. Pumping Iron Lyrics
  9. Freight Lyrics
  10. Entry of the National Trains Lyrics
  11. AC/DC Lyrics
  12. Hitching and Switching Lyrics 
  13. Pearl, You've Been Honoured Lyrics 
  14. He Whistled at Me Lyrics
  15. Race: Heat One Lyrics
  16. That Was Cheating Lyrics
  17. There's Me Lyrics
  18. Poppa's Blues Lyrics
  19. Belle the Sleeping Car Lyrics
  20. Starlight Express Introduction Lyrics
  21. Race: Heat Two Lyrics
  22. Boy, Boy, Boy Lyrics 
  23. Race: Heat Three Lyrics
  24. Laughing Stock Lyrics 
  25. Starlight Express Lyrics
  26. Act 2
  27. The Rap Lyrics
  28. Pearl Twirl Lyrics
  29. U.N.C.O.U.P.L.E.D. Lyrics
  30. Rolling Stock (Reprise) Lyrics
  31. C.B. Lyrics
  32. Race: Uphill Final Lyrics
  33. I Was Robbed Lyrics
  34. Right Place, Right Time Lyrics
  35. I Am The Starlight Lyrics
  36. He Whistled at Me (Reprise) Lyrics
  37. Race: Downhill Final Lyrics
  38. No Comeback Lyrics
  39. One Rock & Roll Too Many Lyrics
  40. Only He Lyrics
  41. Only You Lyrics
  42. Light at the End of the Tunnel Lyrics
  44. Crazy Lyrics
  45. Make Up My Heart Lyrics
  46. Next Time You Fall In Love Lyrics

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