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Star Is Born, A Musical Lyrics

Star Is Born, A description

Musical film was an adaptation of the eponymous 1937’s American movie. A remake of the picture was conceived by producer S. Luft in December 1952. He invited G. Cukor to be director. Screenwriter of the film was M. Hart. Songs were written by I. Gershwin & H. Arlen. The music part took R. Heindorf. The main part came to J. Garland – wife of S. Luft. It was planned that her partner would be Cary Grant, but the actor refused to shoot. At the leading roles were considered such candidates as Humphrey Bogart & Frank Sinatra, but in the end, the filmmakers settled on J. Mason. Filming began in October 1953. The last scene was filmed at the end of July 1954 and premiere was held in LA in September 1954.

Initially, the film lasted for 196 minutes, but for the NY’s premiere in October 1954, it was reduced to 182 minutes. Later the management of the ‘Warner Bros.’ cut the picture to 154 minutes without the director's consent. On the creation of the film, it was spent 5,019,770 dollars. Cash collections were estimated as USD 6,100,000. In 1983, the picture was restored to 176 minutes, by returning to it two musical numbers. In 1976, in the USA was made a remake. In 2013, based on the American original, in Bollywood was created ‘Aashiqui 2’. Indian version ‘Bharatham’ was also based on the American movie.
Release date: 2004
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Star Is Born, A Lyrics

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