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Songs For A New World Musical Lyrics

Songs For A New World description

Songs wrote J. R. Brown. The development of the revue was on D. Prince. Produced in 1994 in Toronto for the first time, in was hosted by the NY’s WPA Theater from October to November 1995 with 15 preliminaries and 12 regular performances. Staging was on the director D. Prince and choreographer M. Arnold. In the revue participated: B. Ashmanskas, A. Burns, J. Molaskey & B. Porter. From October to November 1998, production was held in St. Louis’s St. Marcus Theatre. Manufacture has been prepared by directors S. Miller & A. Helmer. The show had such cast: C. Brenner, J. Rhine, D. Sharn & K. Short. In February 2004, the revue was in Cambridge’s ADC Theatre. Director was E. Spyrides. In the show this time were involved: C. Berry, S. Bird, A. Spencer-Jones & L. Wood.

In May 2005, this production took place as a concert at New York's Symphony Space. Theatrical has been created by director L. Leguillou. The revue had this cast: J. Molaskey, A. Burns, B. Ashmanskas, M. Cerveris, M. Pawk & B. d'Arcy James. In October 2005, the show was hosted by John Hancock Hall. This revised version was developed by T. McLean. Histrionics involved: L. Barrett, M. Callanan, B. Robinson, K. Dowling & A. Giordano. From June to July 2006, the revue has been presented at George Street Playhouse with such actors: H. Ayers, J. Donahue, A. W. Marks & L. McCartney. In August 2012, York Theatre at St. Peter's showed it 6 times. Production was carried out by the director B. C. Elkin and it had such cast: D. Buchwald, B. Garrett, K. Paolella & R. Rodriguez. In March 2013, in NYC were shown 2 performances of a revue, directed by J. Calhoun. This version had such actors: N. Adams, A. Brown, J. Rush & M. J. Scott. Revue was staged in 6 countries.
Release date: 1995
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Songs For A New World Lyrics

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  2. Opening: The New World Lyrics
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  4. Just One Step Lyrics
  5. I'm Not Afraid Of Anything Lyrics
  6. The River Won't Flow Lyrics
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  8. She Cries Lyrics
  9. The Steam Train Lyrics
  10. Act 2
  11. The World Was Dancing Lyrics
  12. Surabaya-Santa Lyrics
  13. Christmas Lullaby Lyrics
  14. King Of The World Lyrics
  15. I'd Give It All For You Lyrics
  16. The Flagmaker, 1775 Lyrics
  17. Flying Home Lyrics
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