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Snoopy Musical Lyrics

Snoopy description

Theatrical’s script has been prepared by A. Whitelaw, M. Grace & W. Lockhart. The songs for the show were written by composer L. Grossman and poet H. Hackady. The first exhibition of the show was held in the San Francisco’s Little Fox Theatre. The show lasted from December 1975 to July 1976. Production has been realized by director A. Whitelaw. In the play were involved: J. Gleason, P. Myers, R. Kallan, D. Potter & C. Cahn. Off-Broadway production was held in the Lamb's Theatre from December 1982 to May 1983 with 152 appearances. Production belongs to the director A. Whitelaw & choreographer M. Breaux. The show had this cast: C. Cahn, K. Cole, S. Fenning, D. Garrison. The British premiere of the musical took place in summer 1983. Show was revealed in August in Watermill Theatre. Then the theatrical moved to Newbury in London. The histrionics was in the Duchess Theatre from September 1983 to November 1984 with 479 plays. The director of the show was A. Whitelaw again. The cast involved: R. Locke, M. Hadfield, Z. Bright, N. Croydon, S. Blake & A. Best.

Updated London production took place in February 2003 at Jermyn Street Theatre. It was shown only 14 exhibitions. Spectacular has created the director J. Pitcher. The show included the cast: N. Gordon-Taylor, S. Lark, S. Carlile & G. Maclean. In April 2004, in the NYC’s Pied Piper Children's Theatre was a show of the concert. Production has been under the direction of B. Rimalower and concluded such actors: C. Borle, S. Foster, H. Foster, J. Cody, A. Harada & D. May. In July 2004, Players Theatre New started hosting of another London’s version of the show. The director was A. Whitelaw and the cast included: R. Armstrong, S. Lark, C. L. Connolly & S. Piper. The London production in 1983 has been nominated for Laurence Olivier.
Release date: 1975
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Snoopy Lyrics

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