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Singin' In The Rain Musical Lyrics

Singin' In The Rain description

The script for this histrionics has been written by B. Comden & A. Green, music belongs to N. H. Brown, lyrics – to A. Freed. The core of considered creation is the eponymous film of 1952, called by many experts as Hollywood’s autobiography. It tells about the last days of silent movie strata & in particular, focuses on the star D. Lockwood, his sidekick C. Brown, beginning actress K. Selden & eternal partner of the protagonist L. Lamont, whose voice was not suitable for sound films at all. Production is made in the classic two-act style.

West End’s premiere took place in June 1983 in London Palladium Theatre. It stayed afloat for more than two years & was closed in September 1985. Director of staging was T. Steele, choreographer – P. Gennaro. The cast included T. Steele, R. Castle, D. Carson & S. Payne. After such a successful path in Europe, it was decided to move the show to Broadway. The first performance was demonstrated to the audience in July 1985 in the Gershwin Theatre. The directorship & choreography were given to T. Tharp. Stars were: D. Correia, M. D'Arcy & F. Grant. Prior to the closing in May 1986, viewers saw 367 performances with 38 preliminaries.

West End & Broadway musicals were opted for three nominations of Laurence Olivier & Tony, but didn’t win any. Many critics have noted that show was good, but it was doomed to be in the shadow of the original motion picture, which is considered the best project of its genre ever.
Release date: 1952
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Singin' In The Rain Lyrics

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