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The musical is a collaborative work of B. Russell & H. Krieger. First wrote the libretto and lyrics, the second did music. At the heart of creation is the life story of Siamese twins Daisy and Violet of English origin. In the 1930s, they quickly gained popularity and have become stars of the theatrical stage. Production is made in a classic two-act style.

The first appearance of the show on Broadway is dated October 1997. The venue was chosen Richard Rodgers Theatre, named in honor of the legendary composer. R. Longbottom combined the positions of director and choreographer. His team also included scenic designer R. Wagner, costume designer G. Barnes, light designer B. MacDevitt & Head of orchestra H. Wheeler. In turn, the main roles of production performed E. Skinner, A. Ripley, N. Lewis & J. McCarthy. The presence of positive feedback has not saved the play from the imminent closure, which was in January 1998. During this period, the audience saw only 91 performances.

Production has received four nominations at Tony and 1 nomination for Drama Desk. Unfortunately, it failed to win at least any. However, this humiliating fact had not prevented the musical to enter in the history. It was the first project in which two actresses at once were jointly nominated for Best Actress as a team. In 2015, the return of the revised show took place on Broadway. Modern delivery proved to be more productive in terms of rewards (3), but it has only slightly smoothed the negative impression of its failure at the box office as the performance has been exhibited for only 7 weeks.
Release date: 1997
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