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Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Musical Lyrics

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers description

The scenario to the considered histrionics was written by famous authors L. Kasha & D. Landay. Music part has been produced by G. de Paul, A. Kasha & J. Hirschhorn, lyrics – by the same team + J. Mercer. The project did not remain unnoticed. In many ways, staging is rooted in the eponymous film of 1954 by S. Donen, which was an adaptation of a short story by S. V. Benet ‘The Sobbing Women’.

After a highly vivid tour in the USA, production gradually moved to the Broadway. The venue of its demonstration was chosen Alvin Theatre. The 1st show took place in July 1982. Prior to it, the beholders, producers the critics could see 18 previews. Director's chair of a project took L. Kasha, as choreography was made by J. Jackson. The cast included D. Boone, D. Carroll, L. Teeter, C. Peralta & N. Fox. Despite all expectations, musical failed miserably at the box office. Its story ended just after 5 performances.

In July 2 1985, a reborn histrionics was premiered in the West End. It was crowned with much greater success than it was 3 years ago on Broadway, but not too much more vivid, only 41 of plays were staged. All the performances took place in the Old Vic theater. The main roles performed R. Page, S. Devereaux & M. Strachan. London production hasn’t been noted warmly by critics and it neither received awards or honors.
Release date: 1985
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Seven Brides For Seven Brothers Lyrics

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