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See What I Wanna See Musical Lyrics

See What I Wanna See description

An early version of the histrionics has begun at Theater Festival in Cincinnati from the mid of 2004 & lasted until August of the same year. The premiere exhibition took place in NYC in Oct. 2005. The director was T. Sperling. The cast: I. Menzel, M. Kudisch, H. Stram, A. Lohr, M. Testa.

The musical received Drama Desk Award nominations for outstanding music, the best actress, best music & lyrics. In 2006, the musical moved to the Theatre of Cincinnati in Ohio. An art director was J. Bruffy. Roles played by R. Williams, L. Holt, C. Clark, D. Snow & M. Binder. Musical direction has been made by A. P. Kenny. The staging in this version was nominated for awards: 2 Cincinnati Acclaim Awards Panel & 1 Cincinnati Entertainment Award. The histrionics won in the categories ‘Best actress of musical’, ‘Actress of the second plan in a musical’, ‘Best Lighting Design’, ‘Best musical director’.

In 2007, the musical was staged in Boston, under the direction of S. Terrell. Over the years, musical has been produced by the university actor's groups in the US & the UK. In 2013, the musical was revived in NY's Producers Club under the direction of J. Wise; he also acted as director of dance numbers. Starring: C. Levin, B. Liebert, B. Bailey, N. Suggs & P. Krug. In March 2006, the record company Ghostlight Records released a CD with all the songs from it.
Release date: 2005
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

See What I Wanna See Lyrics

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