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Scarlet Pimpernel, The Musical Lyrics

Scarlet Pimpernel, The description

Musical was composed by F. Wildhorn & written by N. Knighton. In early October 1997, the Minskoff Theatre hosted the try-outs of the performance. Production took place on Broadway from November 1997 to October 1998, when have been shown 39 preliminaries and 373 regular performances. Production was directed by P. Hunt & choreographed by A. Pelty. In the show were involved: C. Andreas, T. Mann, D. Sills, E. Bennyhoff, B. Bowers, P. Burrell & G. Chiasson. The second Broadway production took place in the Minskoff Theatre in mid-October 1998 to the end of May 1999 with 239 appearances. The director and choreographer of this show was R. Longbottom. The musical had such cast: R. York, R. Smith, D. Sills, J. Bohanek & P. Hoffman. The third version of the Broadway spectacular was featured in Neil Simon Theatre in mid-September 1999 and early January 2000 with 129 performances. Staging was directed and choreographed by R. Longbottom and had following cast: C. Carmello, M. Kudisch, R. Bohmer, E. W. Land, K. McDonald & D. Masenheimer.

In February 2000, began a national US tour, which lasted until April 2001. Production has been undertaken by R. Longbottom. In this histrionics participated: A. Bodnar, W. Michals, D. Sills, E. W. Land, D. Cromwell & B. Sharpe. From June to early September 2002, the play was in New Restaurant Theatre, under the direction of R. Carrothers, choreographed by T. Farrell. The cast was: S. Joseph, T. Noland, R. Bohmer, L. Blalock, J. Morrison, J. Staniunas & J. McEvoy. The musical have experienced many American productions. Also, it was staged in 12 countries of the globe. The play was nominated for Tony, Drama League, Drama Desk and Outer Critics Circle Awards and it actually won only one – from Theatre World.
Release date: 1997
Last Update:July, 13th 2016

Scarlet Pimpernel, The Lyrics

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