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Rooms: A Rock Romance Musical Lyrics

Rooms: A Rock Romance description

At the heart of the musical is a story written by M. Gordon, the music and the lyrics belong to the famous composer P. S. Goodman. The plot tells about the relationship of the ambitious singer Monica and her eccentric rocker Ian. Heroes are quite different, but they share high ambitions to achieve glory. Over time, the constant race for success depletes their relationship. Only giving it up, young people could find personal happiness. But is it so simple? Of course, not. The main feature of this histrionics is that it contains only one act. This is very rare in the modern theater.

In the USA, the project started in March 2009. The venue was chosen New World Stages, located on Broadway. Guidance was done by B. Brownson. His team included: producers S. Davis & C. Bauer, sound designer A. Cook, light designers M. Vaughey, music designer R. Godard & costume designer R. Parent. To make the show the most dynamic, creators decided to bring to it qualified musicians. In particular, guitarist S. Brownson and bassist C. Zayas took parts there. Live support met all expectations and won the hearts of as mere spectators and critics. The main roles in the creation went to little-known actors M. Deitchman & H. Marren. They had doubles S. Johnston & R. Morgan.

Production has received a number of nominations from the Outer Critics Circle, including the category Best Off-Broadway Musical. Representatives of the Helen Hayes Awards gave it as much as 5 nominations. Unfortunately, creation did not succeed to win at least one figurine. K. Walsh from Chicago Theater Beat’s publishers’ team has provided the most appropriate response. According to her, it induced vivid memories of own ambitions in the life of every human being. The production has an excellent soundtrack, where special attention deserves the vocal performers of the main roles.
Release date: 2010
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

Rooms: A Rock Romance Lyrics

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