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Rocky Horror Show Musical Lyrics

Rocky Horror Show description

Book, lyrics & music for the project wrote R. O'Brien. In addition, he also played one of the second-plan roles, positively marked by critics. O'Brien example illustrates what is meant whole devotion to one business. The history of the musical is very interesting and unconventional. The first sketches were made in the late '70s in London by R. O'Brien. Being unemployed actor, he began to create a play to pass the winter evenings, and occupy himself in anything. Theatre activist since his youth dreamed to combine in a single creation elements of science fiction, horror and unintentional comedy. This resulted in the fact that the main theme of the book was the transgender line. According to the author, the latter took a more important place in comparison with what was given to the book originally.

The production was launched in June 1973. The place of its implementation has been selected Royal Court Theatre, located in the center of London. Histrionics lasted for seven years and ended in September 1980. During this period, the audience saw 2960 performances. Directing and producing was held by a single person – J. Sharman. In 1973, the project won the Evening Standard Theatre Award.

The debut in the USA took place in 1974 in California, LA. As was expected, after nine month of successful rentals, the production moved to Broadway. The first show took place in early 1975 in the Roxy Theatre. Despite all expectations of newfound producer L. Adler, production wasn’t successful. After 45 performances, it was closed. Broadway version received a nomination for Tony and three nominations for Drama Desk Award. Musical won none of them. In 1975, based on the play, O'Brien shot the same-named film, directed by J. Sharman. The main role was by Tim Curry (played in London, LA and Broadway productions) & Susan Sarandon.
Release date: 1973
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

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