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REPO! The Genetic Opera Musical Lyrics

REPO! The Genetic Opera description

The creators of the rock musical are T. Zdunich & D. Smith. Gathering in 2001 a small group of actors and musicians, authors began to show in LA’s clubs 45-minute version of the show. A full-scale musical took place in California, in John Raitt Theatre in 2002, directed by D. L. Bousman. One of the roles was played by T. Zdunich. In 2004, production took place in Hollywood Split ID Theatre. In August 2005, a premiere of off-Broadway production was in NY's Wings Theatre. The director was T. Zdunich. In the show, were involved such actors: T. Perry, K. Lawson, A. L. Moffett, R. Grossman, M.-F. Arcilla, E. C. DeJesus, M. Montoya & T. Zdunich.

In 2006, was filmed 10-minute film. Receiving the financing in such a way, the creators started adaptation of the production. In November 2008 was the premiere of the full-fledged film, directed by D. L. Bousman, with such actors: A. Vega, A. S. Head, S. Brightman, T. Zdunich, B. Moseley, N. Ogre, P. Sorvino & P. Hilton. In 2009, the film was shown in several European countries. $8.5 million were spent on the production, when rentals’ income was only 188,126 dollars. In 2008, they released a CD with 22 songs. In January 2009, on the market entered a DVD with the motion picture.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

REPO! The Genetic Opera Lyrics

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  2. At the Opera Tonight Lyrics
  3. Crucifixus Lyrics
  4. Things You See in a Graveyard Lyrics
  5. A Repo Man's Daughter Lyrics
  6. Infected Lyrics
  7. Legal Assassin Lyrics
  8. Bravi! Lyrics
  9. 21st Century Cure Lyrics
  10. Lungs And Livers Lyrics
  11. Mark It Up Lyrics
  12. Worthy Heirs? Lyrics
  13. New text Lyrics
  14. Zydrate Anatomy Lyrics
  15. Thankless Job Lyrics
  16. Before the Escape Lyrics
  17. Night Surgeon Lyrics
  18. Chase the Morning Lyrics
  19. Everyone's A Composer Lyrics
  20. Come Back! Lyrics
  21. What Chance Has A 17 Year Old Girl Lyrics
  22. Seventeen Lyrics
  23. Happiness Is Not A Warm Scalpel Lyrics
  24. Gold Lyrics
  25. Depraved Heart Murder at Sanitarium Square Lyrics
  26. Tonight We Are Betrayed Lyrics
  27. We Started This Op'ra Shit! Lyrics
  28. Rotti's Chapel Sermon Lyrics
  29. Needle Through a Bug Lyrics
  30. Chromaggia Lyrics
  31. Mag's Fall Lyrics
  32. Piece De Resistance Lyrics
  33. Interrogation Room Lyrics
  34. Let the Monster Rise Lyrics
  35. A Ten Second Opera Lyrics
  36. I Didn't Know I'd Love You So Much Lyrics
  37. Genetic Emancipation Lyrics
  38. Genetic Repo Man Lyrics
  39. Other Songs
  40. Shilo Wakes Lyrics
  41. Things You See in a Graveyard (Part 2) Lyrics
  42. Limo Ride Lyrics
  43. Largo's Little Helpers Lyrics
  44. Genterns Lyrics
  45. Luigi, Pavi, Amber Harass Mag Lyrics
  46. Seeing You Stirs Memories Lyrics
  47. Inopportune Telephone Call Lyrics
  48. Zydrate Support Network Lyrics
  49. Who Ordered Pizza? Lyrics
  50. Nathan Discovers Rotti's Plan Lyrics
  51. Bloodbath Lyrics
  52. Blame Not My Cheeks Lyrics
  53. Sawman's Lament Lyrics
  54. The Man Who Made You Sick Lyrics
  55. Cut the Ties Lyrics
  56. Shilo Turns Against Rotti Lyrics
  57. Epitaph Lyrics
  58. Other Songs
  59. Aching Hour Lyrics

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