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The play was originally written especially for a Canadian actress & singer B. Lillie. The authors were H. & D. Fields. The idea came to them after visiting Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. Herbert died soon after they started their work. The work on the book was continued by S. Sheldon & D. Shaw, who changed in for the other actress – G. Verdon. She has already become successful on Broadway by the time she has been invited to play in the performance.

A. Hague & D. Fields created music & lyrics for the spectacle. B. Fosse was chosen to be a director for the first time in his career. He was also a choreographer for the production. Broadway premier took place at 46th Street Theatre in 1959. The displays lasted for a year & 452 performances were shown to the public. R. Ter-Arutunian was responsible for production design of the staging & J. Rosenthal made lighting design. The original cast included G. Verdon & R. Kiley.

In 1959, the musical was nominated for seven Tony Awards. It obtained five of them, including one for the Best Musical. When the Broadway displays were closed, there was a tour across the USA. It began at Shubert Theatre in 1960. In 1981, the spectacle was also presented at Costa Mesa Playhouse. In 1998, there was another revival, made by 42nd Street Moon group. The same year, the performance was opened at Goodspeed Opera House. For this version, C. Ashley became a director. The following actors took part in the production: V. Wright, T. Warmen, M. Cooper & C. Morley. The latest concert performances were in Hollywood in 2015.
Release date: 1959
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  19. The Right Finger of My Left Hand Lyrics
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