Redhead synopsis

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Album lyrics:
  1. Overture 
  2. The Simpson Sisters 
  3. The Right Finger of My Left Hand 
  4. Just For Once 
  5. I Feel Merely Marvelous 
  6. The Uncle Sam Rag 
  7. Erbie Fitch's Twitch 
  8. She's Not Enough Woman for Me 
  9. Behave Yourself 
  10. Look Who's in Love 
  11. My Girl Is Just Enough Woman for Me 
  12. Dream Dance (Essie's Vision) 
  13. Two Faces in the Dark 
  14. I'm Back in Circulation 
  15. We Loves Ya, Jimey 
  16. Pick-Pocket Tango 
  17. I'll Try 
  18. Chase and Finale 
  19. The Right Finger of My Left Hand

Redhead synopsis

Redhead Synopsis - Broadway musical

The action of the performance takes place in Victorian London of 1990s. It is the time of Jack the Ripper. The main heroine is a young girl, who works in a Wax museum, which is owned by her aunts. The most of the action happens in that place.

A popular celebrity, who is an American chorus girl, is murdered in the city. After this, the girl and her aunts decide to organize a special exhibition, where all the details and known events concerning the murder. Various people come two visit them, including the co-workers and friends of the late actress and a Scotland Yard inspector.

One of the famous actors, who has adored the killed girl, gets really angry with such kind of exhibition. The main character falls in love with him. She desires to attract him and lies about knowing, who has murdered his favorite starlet. The girl also pretends that there has been an attempt at her life by the real killer. He tries to help her. The woman is hiding in his show. Being originally a brunette, she soon turns into a redhead. After this, the two characters fall in love with each other. The man finds out that the woman has been lying to him, but decides to forgive her. By the end of the story, the real murder is finally found, and a mystery of killing is uncovered. A happy couple gets married.
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