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Raisin Musical Lyrics

Raisin description

This musical became an adaptation of a play for theatres, created by a famous American writer L. Hansberry. It was made by her former husband R. Nemiroff and Ch. Zaltzberg. Music and lyrics for the show were written by J. Woldin & R. Brittan.

The first tryout of this spectacle happened in 1973 in May. It was pre-Broadway display, which took place at Arena Stage. An actual premiere on Broadway was in October the same year. The displays started at 46th Street Theatre. After 1.5 year of performances, the show moved to Lunt-Fontanne Theatre. Displays there lasted for another year and gave 847 of them. For this version, D. McKayle became both a director and a choreographer. The leading roles were played by V. Capers, J. Morton, E. Jackson, D. Allen, R. Carter, H. Martin and T. Ross. The actress, acting as a mother of main hero, took part in national tour of this production.

In 2003, the staging was presented in California at Long Beach Performing Center of Arts. In 2006, there was another revival, which happened at Court Theatre. During that time, the crew included E. Jackson, who received a leading role. During the previous display, she acted as Ruth.

The original Broadway production was nominated for 9 Tony Awards in 1974. It managed to receive two of them – the first for Best Musical and the second for Best Performance by Leading Actress. The spectacle also obtained Theatre World Award the same year. In 1975, this musical became a winner of Grammy in category of the Best Score From the Original Cast Show Album.
Release date: 1973
Last Update:July, 12th 2016

Raisin Lyrics

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