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Quadrophenia Lyrics

Quadrophenia was created and based on a music album from the band ‘The Who’. The album was released in 1973 and immediately struck by its intelligent concept and idea. It was the second experience of creating a rock opera concept for a full album.

The main idea of this album was the life of subcultures of British teenagers in the period between 1964-1965 years. Musical was in London and Brighton. Brighton was actually the place where major events occurred on the script of the history. The name is a combination of partially consisting of the name of the disease – schizophrenia – from which the main character suffered. In his mind lived the four personalities – exactly as the number of group members in The Who. They partly became prototypes for the characters. It was originally planned that the story of one of the musicians would be in the center of the plot, but in the end the concept was revised.

After the release of the musical band went on tour with this album, but due to the abundant use of special effects, it turned out to be a bad idea.

The second stage of glory came for the musical after one of the participants from The Who celebrated his birthday on the occasion of his fiftieth anniversary, and reminded the audience about the works of this album. So Quadrophenia gained a second wind in the late 90s of the last century. At the same time, it was decided to put the musical on the London stage. The musical received major funding from the company that produces motorcycles Vespa as in the musical a lot of attention was paid to these vehicles. The fact is that during the Mod times Vespa was the most popular brand, so they got free advertising.

The second production of the musical had attracted a lot of artists, including musicians from groups such as Pink Floyd. Everyone wanted to participate in the project, reflecting a huge reservoir of British youth's history.
Release date: 1973
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