Quadrophenia synopsis

Quadrophenia synopsis

Quadrophenia Synopsis - Broadway musical

Quadrophenia is a unique project, which told the world not only about good music, but also about the movement of subcultures in XX. This musical is a project, which was named one of the best rock operas of the last century. The plot revolves around the life of young man named Jim, who considers himself in the subculture Mod. For Jim external aesthetics is important: everything must be beautiful, from his scrubbing shoes and finishing his haircut. That's how Jim with such pleasure differs from the rest, including the hated Rockers. Rockers in the Jim's coterie are considered as dirty and uncouth louts with greasy hair and without a hint of aesthetics. On this basis between Mods and Rockers occur regularly clashes, in which Jim also participates.

However, his life was not always filled with such experiences. For a long time, Jim was an ordinary man: he had a girlfriend, his mother was proud of him, he spent time with friends who shared his interests and ideals, and he had a job. One random get-together with his girlfriend brought chaos into his life.

He gets involved in a brawl, which grows into a big fight. Jim is one of the main actors in that fight, so he is sent to prison. It would seem that beautiful and measured life of young Mod ends on such a tragic event, but here is some luck for Jim. Along with him for a fight with the hated Rockers his idol was put in prison too, another supporter of the Mod movement. Jim believes that the meeting is fateful and for good reason: after he returns home, his habitual way of life changes. His girlfriend leaves him, the parents do not want to have anything to do with him, and he is fired from the work. What can he do in such a difficult situation? The only thing that remains indestructible, it's his ideals and his outlook. Friends continue to take Jim into company, and that meeting with the idol, which he was lucky to be in the same cell, also inspires him.

Events are taking place in Brighton, the city that after the incident with the fight becomes even more quietly, but eventually the tranquility starts to bother its residents and the riots are inevitable. The musical tells about the 60s, a time when revolutionary ideas were still a novelty. This story tells us not only about the life of Jim, the head of which simply cannot accommodate so many thoughts, but also the philosophical concepts. With the passage of time, Jim, and together with him the work of the group, and each member of the audience, matures. He has to part with his youthful ideals, acknowledge their windy nature and lightheadedness in favor of more severe challenges of life. Separately stated the kind of romance that was inevitably a part of the plot and the mood of the time, but it just goes out in the abundance of gloomy moods. This dullness of everyday life oppresses Jim; he realizes that his dream of a romantic spirit of rebellion will sooner or later be replaced by the normal full-time job, the conventional marriage, the usual strained relationship with his parents. He seemed to want to stay in this state of his illusions longer, but common sense tells him that it would be childish, and Jim has to grow up.

The essence of the story is not in constant unexpected action in the movie, not in turns of history, but in the everyday life of its submission. This is the story of an ordinary guy who chooses his side, and that side is the Mods. One of the title tracks by The Who was literally an anthem of rebels, who are similar to Jimmy: this is partly why, because of the proximity to the people, musical became so popular.
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