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Promises, Promises Musical Lyrics

Promises, Promises description

The musical was made based on the movie titled ‘Flat’. The premiere took place on Broadway in December 1968, after which the play went successfully for more than three years, counted for 1281 exhibitions. In 1969, the show was in the Prince of Wales Theatre, where repeated for more than 560 times. After such a resounding success, the show was closed and forgotten for more than forty years.

The revival of the musical took place in the new millennium. It was staged again on Broadway, and was held in the Opera House in Connecticut and San Francisco. In the modern version, there were famous actors of our time: S. Hayes, A. Hathaway, K. Chenoweth, B. Ashmanskas, K. Finneran & T. Goldwyn.
Release date: 1968
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Promises, Promises Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Lyrics
  3. Half As Big As Life Lyrics
  4. Grapes Of Roth Lyrics
  5. Upstairs Lyrics
  6. You'll Think Of Someone Lyrics
  7. Our Little Secret Lyrics
  8. I Say A Little Prayer Lyrics
  9. She Likes Basketball Lyrics
  10. Knowing When To Leave Lyrics
  11. Where Can You Take A Girl? Lyrics
  12. Wanting Things Lyrics
  13. Turkey Lurkey Time Lyrics
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  18. Christmas Day Lyrics
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  22. Promises, Promises Lyrics
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