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Producers Musical Lyrics

Producers description

This is an adaptation of the movie, released in 1968 under the same title. The creator of the film was the same as the creator of the performance. Mel Brooks made songs and wrote a book, which was selected as the bases for the movie and the show. D. Besterman and G. Kelly were responsible for music arrangement. The latest was also a supervisor. The Broadway version of the play was officially displayed in 2001 at St. James Theatre. It happened after more than 30 successful previews. Susan Stroman became both a director and a choreographer. The original cast included such outstanding actors as N. Lane, C. Huffman, G. Beach, M. Broderick, B. Oscar and R. Bart. There were also several replacements during the display, which continued for six years. There were 2500+ performances.

The staging has beaten many records, such as the biggest box-office sales and the greatest number of Tony Awards. It obtained 12 of them, leaving behind the record of “Hello, Dolly!”. There was a West End version as well. Its premier happened in 2004 at Theatre Royal. The leading roles were played by Nathan Lane and Lee Evans. This production became the same successful as the New York one. The musical received both the US (2002-2005) and the UK (2007-2008) tours.
Release date: 2001
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Producers Lyrics

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