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Pocahontas Musical Lyrics

Pocahontas description

Musical is an excellent combination of the image and music. Skill of the composer Alan Menken on merits has been rewarded by two Oscars – for the best music and the best song. It is remarkable that the movie and the animated film based on a love story of princess and English seafarer have been shot in America already before. But Disney's version of historical plot had bigger success of viewer in spite of the fact that the outcome is tragic: John and Pocahontas leave forever. However, very few people know that the similar final is more reliable in relation to real events: the princess married, left the New World and died at very early age.

Historians and specialists-archeologists on culture and life of represented times were involved in work on the animated film to reach bigger reliability. The role of Pocahontas’ father is sounded by indigenous Indian. John speaks by the voice of well-known actor Mel Gibson. Premiere display of animated film took place in the New York’s Central Park. The sequel of the musical – 'Pocahontas 2: Travel to the new world' narrates about difficulties, which waited for the brave princess in foreign land where she has moved in a hope to find Captain John.
Release date: 1995
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Pocahontas Lyrics

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