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Pippin Musical Lyrics

Pippin description

The musical’s premiere on Broadway was in October 1972. Until June 1977, were played 1944 performances. Choreography was by B. Fosse. The main roles played in the production by: J. Rubinstein, C. Chadman, B. Vereen, E. Berry, L. Palmer, I. Ryan & J. Clayburgh.

With the start of performance, in the press periodically appeared reviews from critics, particularly in The New York Times, where an article was published that called rock music in this piece as invertebrate and not connected with the action. However, it was marked that a few rock ballads would remain in people's minds for a long time.

On television was launched a 60-second ad of this histrionics, which had cast of members of the troupe – B. Vereen, C. Brown & P. Sousa. In 1996, the theater critic S. Miller noted that director B. Fosse conceived his offspring as a surreal work, but in practice, it turned out that ‘Pippin’ was somewhat similar to an amateur performance, earning a reputation of cute & mischievous play. Over the years, the main roles were played by N. J. Calloway, S. E. Wright, B. Harney, M. Rupert, B. Buckley, D. Pitchford, P. Lopez & D. Stickney.

In addition to Broadway, the show also experienced the success in London (in Her Majesty's Theatre), LA, Kansas city. In 2013, on Broadway started rehearsals with the new composition of the acting troupe, and try-out in Music Box Theatre has collected a full house. In the same year, the musical was nominated for 10 Tony Awards, of which 4 brought victory: for best revival, for Best Actress, best Actor, and Best Director.
Release date: 1972
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

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