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Peter Pan Musical Lyrics

Peter Pan description

Composers were T. Rittmann, M. Charlap & J. Styne &. Lyricists were B. Comden, C. Leigh & A. Green. Writer – J. M. Barrie. The premiere of this histrionics was held in San Francisco in July 1954. In a month, histrionics has been shifted to LA, and there 8 another weeks it stayed on the scene. Broadway premiere took place in October 1954. Musical ended in February 1955 after 152 exhibitions. The director & choreographer was J. Robbins. The play has involved: M. Martin, K. Nolan & C. Ritchard as actors. In March 1955, a musical was shown live on NBC television. Another broadcast took place in January 1956. Production with variable cast was shown on television in 1960, 1963, 1966, 1973, 1989, 1991 & 2014 years.

Revival on Broadway was held in Lunt-Fontanne in Sept. 1979. The play was completed in January 1981, after 554 productions. Direction & choreography was made by R. Iscove. The show had such cast: S. Duncan, G. Rose & M. Kramer. The third Broadway production took place in late 1990ies in the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre with only 45 plays. Director – F. Soeder. Choreographer – M. Magness. The performance included such actors: C. Rigby, S. Hanan & C. Robinson. After 10 months, the musical was held in Minskoff Theatre with 48 performances. In November 1998, the histrionics has been showed on Broadway in the Marquis Theatre. The last performance was at the beginning of January 1999 with 48 pieces. Director – G. Casale. This show had such cast: P. Schoeffler, C. Rigby & E. Sagardia. Then production with almost the same cast passed in the Gershwin Theatre, where the theatrical was shown from April to August 1999 with 166 appearances.
Release date: 1954
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Peter Pan Lyrics

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