People vs. Mona Musical Lyrics

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People vs. Mona Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Tippo   add
  3. Keep The Frog Pad Alive   add
  4. Hear Ye/Who Wears The Robe/Glad Glad Glad-Clerk   add
  5. Euple R. Pugh   add
  6. Do You   add
  7. The Big Meow   add
  8. Officer Bell's Turn   add
  9. Work With Me   add
  10. Lockdown Blues   add
  11. Does The Prosecution Rest   add
  12. Riverboat Casino Gambling   add
  13. Riverboat Casino Gambling (Reprise)   add
  14. Act 2
  15. Euple R. Pugh (Reprise)   add
  16. Legendary Litigator   add
  17. Blind Willy-Blind Willy   add
  18. Marching Thru Tippo   add
  19. You Done Forgot Your Bible   add
  20. Partner   add
  21. A Real Defense   add
  22. The Confession   add
  23. Come On Down To Tippo   add

Composer and poet was J. Wann. Libretto wrote E. Chambers, P. Miller & J. Wann. Previews began in March 2000 in California, Pasadena Playhouse. The musical was held from March to April 2000, directed by P. Lazarus. In the histrionics acted: S. Waara, K. Maguire, M. Hollenbeck, W. Thomas Jr., R. Henn, J. Joyce & M. Mais. In September 2002, the premiere of the musical was in Chattanooga Theatre Centre. This show had cast: S. Alderman, M. Burks, M. Robinson, J. Harkleroad, H. Malone, M. Mitchell & J. Dever. In the 2005-2006 season, performance took place in Reedley Opera House.

Off-Broadway tryouts began in July 2007 on the stage of Manhattan Abingdon June Havoc Theatre. Show was there from July to August 2007, under the direction of K. Middleton, choreographed by J. Gorrie. The performance had cast: R. Binder, M. Torres, K. Culp, N. Douglas, M. Henderson, O. Schein, D. J. Wilson & R. Henn. In March 2008, the musical was featured in The York Theatre at Saint Peter's. Director was A. Jolles. In the show were involved: C. Noll, M. Henderson, M. Kudisch, L. White, R. Raines, O. Schein & N. Toro. The next day, the production was recorded for the London studio Jay Records. CDs were in sale in May 2009.

In 2013, the musical was held at Reedley Opera House. Completion of the show took place in October 2013, directed by S. Jones. The show had cast: J. Nuckels, D. Applegate, T. Gill, M. Westpy, J. Ham & M. McFarlin. In April 2015, Florence High School students made it on the stage of Fremont Civic Theater. In the show was such cast: S. Gillentine, T. Burke, M. Knapp, Z. Bilbrey, A. Dick, B. Burke, P. Sandoval, J. Patch, J. O'Shea, J. Valentine, E. Carpenter & I. Abalos.
Release date: 2009
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