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Parade Musical Lyrics

Parade description

Composer and lyricist was J. R. Brown. Screenwriter – A. Uhry. Try-outs before Broadway began in Vivian Beaumont Theater in November 1998. The musical was in operation from December 1998 to February 1999 with almost 40 preliminaries & 85 regular performances under direction of H. Prince. Choreographer was P. Birch. The histrionics had such cast: B. Carver, C. Carmello, C. C. Romano, R. Aranha & H. Lackey. In June 2000, has been launched a national US tour – the first performance took place in Fox Theatre in Atlanta. Director was again H. Prince. The tour had cast: D. Pittu, A. Burns, K. B. Kirk, K. Bowden, R. Redd, R. Hilsabeck, C. Hargrove, D. Grody, D. Vosburgh, E. Brownlee, S. Howard & S. Denise.

From September 2007, the previews of London’s version of the play began in Warehouse Donmar Theater. The musical was held from September to November 2007. The director & choreographer was R. Ashford. In the show was such cast: L. Pulver, B. Carvel, J. Wisener, H. Anker, M. Bonnar, S. Escoffery, S. Webb & S. Page. In July 2008, the original version of the theatrical was featured in the LA’s Neighborhood Playhouse. Director was B. Schwind. Choreographer – I. Quinonez. The performance had cast: C. D'Amico, E. Olson & A. Anderegg. The London production was moved to LA’s Mark Taper Forum, where it was held from September to November 2009 with such actors: L. Pulver, T. R. Knight, B. Anderson, M. Berresse, W. Collyer, C. d'Amboise & K. Foreman. In February 2015, production was held in A. Fisher Hall, Lincoln Center. Director – G. Griffin. The cast involved: J. Jordan, L. Benanti, L. Frank, J. Henry, E. Steele, J. E. Conlee, D. Gaines & A. Campbell.
Release date: 1998
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Parade Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. The Old Red Hills of Home Lyrics
  3. The Dream of Atlanta Lyrics
  4. How Can I Call This Home Lyrics
  5. The Picture Show Lyrics
  6. Leo at Work/What Am I Waiting For? Lyrics
  7. I Am Trying to Remember... Lyrics
  8. Big News! Lyrics
  9. Funeral: There Is a Fountain/It Don't Make Sense Lyrics
  10. Lullaby Lyrics
  11. Somethin' Ain't Right Lyrics
  12. Real Big News Lyrics
  13. You Don't Know This Man Lyrics
  14. People of Atlanta Lyrics
  15. Twenty Miles from Marietta Lyrics
  16. Frankie's Testimony Lyrics
  17. The Factory Girls/Come up to My Office Lyrics
  18. My Child Will Forgive Me Lyrics
  19. That's What He Said Lyrics
  20. It's Hard To Speak My Heart Lyrics
  21. Summation and Cakewalk Lyrics
  22. Act 2
  23. A Rumblin' and a Rollin' Lyrics
  24. Do it Alone Lyrics
  25. Pretty Music Lyrics
  26. Letter to the Governor Lyrics
  27. This Is Not Over Yet Lyrics
  28. Blues: Feel the Rain Fall Lyrics
  29. Where Will You Stand When the Flood Comes Lyrics
  30. All the Wasted Time Lyrics
  31. Abduction Lyrics
  32. Sh'ma Lyrics
  33. Finale Lyrics

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