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Pajama Game, The Musical Lyrics

Pajama Game, The description

The script was written by R. Bissell & G. Abbott. Songs were composed by J. Ross & R. Adler. Broadway’s premiere took place on the stage of St. James Theatre in May 1954. Till November 1956 the histrionics was there and after – moved to the Shubert Theatre. There the performance took place all November 1956. Total 1063 runs were made on Broadway, directed by J. Robbins & G. Abbott, choreographed by B. Fosse. In the musical were involved such actors: J. Paige, J. Raitt, E. Foy, Jr., C. Haney, R. Dunn & S. MacLaine. The London premiere was in October 1955 in Coliseum. Completion of the show was in March 1957 after 588 exhibitions. Director was R. E. Griffith, choreographer – Z. Leporska. The show had cast: E. Hockridge, J. Nichols, M. Wall & E. Seal.

The updated version of the play was shown on Broadway at Lunt-Fontanne Theatre from December 1973 to February 1974 with 65 exhibitions. Director was G. Abbott, choreographer – Z. Leporska. In the musical participated: H. Linden, C. Calloway, B. McNair & S. Miller. Try-outs of the new Broadway show were held in January 2006 at the American Airlines Theatre stage. The musical was held from February to June 2006, with 41 preliminaries & 129 regular shows. The director and choreographer was K. Marshall. Adaptation of the script was done by P. Ackerman. In the show were involved: H. Connick, Jr., K. O'Hara, M. McKean, M. Lawrence & R. Poe. From April to June 2013 the musical was held in Minerva Theatre. From May to September 2014, the show was represented in Shaftesbury Theatre. Director was R. Eyre. Production in 1954 received Theatre World and Tony awards. Version of 2006 was noted by Tony, Theatre World, Outer Critics Circle & Drama Desk awards.
Release date: 1954
Last Update:July, 06th 2016

Pajama Game, The Lyrics

  1. Act I
  2. The Pajama Game Opening Lyrics
  3. Racing With the Clock Lyrics
  4. A New Town Is a Blue Town Lyrics
  5. I'm Not at All in Love Lyrics
  6. I'll Never Be Jealous Again Lyrics
  7. Hey There Lyrics
  8. Racing With the Clock (Reprise) Lyrics
  9. Sleep-Tite Lyrics
  10. Her Is Lyrics
  11. Once A Year Day! Lyrics
  12. Her Is (Reprise) Lyrics
  13. Small Talk Lyrics
  14. There Once Was a Man Lyrics
  15. Hey There (Reprise) Lyrics
  16. Act 2
  17. Steam Heat Lyrics
  18. The World Around Us Lyrics
  19. Hey There (Reprise 2) Lyrics
  20. If You Win, You Lose Lyrics
  21. Think of the Time I Save Lyrics
  22. Hernando's Hideaway Lyrics
  23. The Three of Us (Me, Myself and I) Lyrics
  24. Seven-And-A-Half Cents Lyrics
  25. There Once Was a Man (Reprise) Lyrics
  26. Finale/The Pajama Game Lyrics

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