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Out Of This World Musical Lyrics

Out Of This World Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Prologue
  3. I Jupiter, I Rex
  4. Use Your Imagination
  5. Hail, Hail, Hail
  6. I Got Beauty
  7. Maiden Fair
  8. Where, Oh, Where?
  9. I Am Loved
  10. They Couldn't Compare To You
  11. From This Moment On
  12. What Do You Think About Men?
  13. You Don't Remind Me
  14. I Sleep Easier Now
  15. Act 2
  16. Climb Up The Mountain
  17. No Lover (For Me)
  18. Cherry Pies Ought To Be You
  19. Hark To The Song Of The Night
  20. Nobody's Chasing Me
  21. Finale (Company)

Out Of This World description

Writers – R. Lawrence & D. Taylor. Songs composed by C. Porter. The first show took place in November 1950 in Philadelphia. On Nov. 1950, production was held in Boston. The histrionics was on Broadway from December 1950 to May 1951 with 157 plays, directed by G. Abbott & choreographed by H. Holm. The cast involved: G. Gaynes, C. Greenwood, P. Gillette, D. Burns, W. Eythe, W. Redfield, B. Ashley, J. Collins, R. Harrison & P. Rea. From March to April 1995, the musical was shown as part of Encores! in NY with 4 presentations. Director – M. Brokaw. Choreographer – J. Carrafa. The histrionics involved such cast: P. Scolari, La Chanze, K. Page, E. Walsh, D. Spare, M. Heller, A. Green, A. Martin, G. Edelman, M. Mazzie, E. Sabella, R. Coloff, M. Shafer & J. Baer.

Musical went to the Eureka Theatre from July 2000, directed by G. MacKellan & choreographed by J. Zaban. In the show were present such actors: S. Rhyne, A. Magdalen, D. Miailovich, K. Price, L. Peers, C. Altman, J. Elliot-Kirk, M. Riutta, E. Simonick, S. Rhoads & D. Popovic. In May 2015, show was held in California, directed by S. Lodick. Adapting the script – G. MacKellan. Choreographer – M. Dayley. The show had such cast: M. Suarez, A. Claybaugh, D. Joves, J. Alvarado & J. Gough. The London production was held on the stage of Ye Olde Rose & Crown Theatre. Next try-outs were in April 2016 and the full-fledged play was held in April 2016, directed by R. Smartnick, choreographed by K. McPhee with such cast: C. B. Jones, R. Moushall, H. J. Catton, R. Betteridge, M. Gilmartin, D. Becker, K. Deacon, A. Buckley, C. Tait & A. Garrett. In 1951, the musical won the Theatre World Award.
Release date: 1950
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

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