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Oh, Kay! Musical Lyrics

Oh, Kay! Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture
  3. Moon Is on the Sea
  4. When Our Ship Comes Sailing In
  5. Don't Ask
  6. Someone to Watch over Me
  7. Woman's Touch
  8. Dear Little Girl
  9. Maybe
  10. Clap Yo' Hands
  11. Do Do Do
  12. Finale Act 1
  13. Act 2
  14. Bride and Groom
  15. Ain't It Romantic?
  16. Fidgety Feet
  17. Heaven on Earth
  18. Finale to Act 2, Scene 1
  19. Dance Specialty
  20. Oh, Kay!
  21. Finale Ultimo

Oh, Kay! description

Composer – G. Gershwin, lyrics by I. Gershwin. Writers – G. Bolton & P.G. Wodehouse. It premiered on November 1926 at the Imperial Theatre stage. Closure took place in June 1927 after 256 performances. Director – J. Harwood. Choreographer – S. Lee. The histrionics had such cast: G. O. Smith, G. Lawrence, O. Shaw, S. Beaumont, V. Moore, H. Dixon, F. Gardiner, H. Shannon & C. Carpenter. The London premiere took place in September 1927 at His Majesty's Theatre scene. 213 performances have been shown. Several years after, this show was re-considered, rearranged & renamed onto β€˜Nice Work If You Can Get It’.

Musical went in Century Theatre in two weeks of January 1928 with 16 performances. Director – H. Howell, choreographer – S. Lee. Cast: J. Sanderson, F. Crumit, C. D. Brown, B. Swanson, S. Camp, F. Gardiner, F. Harper, J. E. Young & H. Arden. The musical also was staged from April 1960 in East 74th Street Theatre for 89 exhibitions. The cast included: M. Stevens, D. Daniels & B. West amongst others. In 1978, the musical was staged in the Canadian Royal Alexandra Theatre.

The show took place in Richard Rodgers Theatre & Lunt-Fontanne from Nov. 1990 to Apr. 1991 with 77 plays. Only black actors were in the cast. The director & choreographer was D. Siretta. Adaptation of the script was made by J. Racheff. Cast: B. S. Mitchell, A. Teek, S. W. Mathis, A. Barton, T. Tunie, K. Ramsey, H. A. Cooper. In 1997, the show was hosted by the Barbican Centre. The spectacular with black actors won Theatre World aw., and was nominated for Drama Desk & Tony, but didn’t win these.
Release date: 1926
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

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