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Oh Captain Musical Lyrics

Oh Captain Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. A Very Proper Town Lyrics 
  3. Life Does A Man A Favor (When It Gives Him Simple Joys) Lyrics 
  4. A Very Proper Week Lyrics 
  5. Life Does A Man A Favor (When It Leads Him Down To The Sea) Lyrics 
  6. Captain Henry St. James Lyrics 
  7. The Dock Dance Lyrics 
  8. Three Paradises Lyrics 
  9. Surprise Lyrics 
  10. Life Does A Man A Favor (When It Puts Him In Paree) Lyrics 
  11. Hey Madame! Lyrics 
  12. Femininity Lyrics 
  13. It's Never Quite The Same Lyrics 
  14. We're Not Children Lyrics 
  15. Give It All You Got / Love Is Hell Lyrics 
  16. Love is Hell Lyrics 
  17. Keep It Simple Lyrics 
  18. Act 2
  19. The Morning Music Of Montmartre Lyrics 
  20. You Don't Know Him Lyrics 
  21. I've Been There And I'm Back Lyrics 
  22. Double Standard Lyrics 
  23. All the Time Lyrics 
  24. You're So Right For Me Lyrics 
  25. All The Time (Reprise) Lyrics 
  26. Finale Lyrics 

Oh Captain description

The musical was based on the 1953’s film ‘The Captain's Paradise’. Script wrote J. Ferrer & A. Morgan. Songs composed by R. Evans & J. Livingston. Broadway premiere was held in February 1958 at the Alvin Theatre stage. Staging was ended in July 1958 after 192 performances under direction of J. Ferrer with choreography by J. Starbuck. The musical involved: T. Randall, J. McKeever, E. Platt, A. Lane, S. Johnson, A. Danilova, V. Valentinoff, S. Carlson, J. Eddleman & B. MacKay.

In 1962, the play was conducted in Stanford theatrical society. The role of Captain Henry St. James played L. Guittard. In November 2003, rejuvenated histrionics was on the stage of San Francisco’s Eureka Theatre. The show was completed in December 2003. It was directed by G. MacKellan, choreographed by J. Zaban. The performance had cast: S. Rhyne, S. Himes Powers, E. Raines, R. Rossman, M. Mackay, A. Kaprelian, J. Winfield, M. Austin, A. Diskin, M. Figueira, P. Smythe, T. Kuster, K. Racz & L. Suter. In 1958, the show has received awards from the Theatre World & Outer Critics Circle. In addition, it was nominated 6 times for a Tony Award.
Release date: 1958
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

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