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Nine Musical Lyrics

Nine description

The musical was created by M. Yeston in 1973. Writer was A. Kopit. Songs were written by M. Yeston. The plot’s center is a motion picture by Fellini «8 ½». Broadway premiere took place on May 1982. Director – T. Tune, choreographer – T. Walsh. In the spectacular were involved: R. Julia, B. Convy, S. Franchi, K. Akers, M. McGovern, E. Barnett, L. Montevecchi, P. Lopez, A. Morris, W. Richert, S. Burch & B. Stock. The show was completed in February 1984 after 729 performances. In 1984, has been executed the US tour.

In 1992, the show has been exhibited on the stage of London's Royal Hall. 165 persons took part in this histrionics under direction of A. MacBean. The cast involved: B. Norman, J. Pryce, K. Copstick, A. Crumb, L. Montevecchi, E. Sastre & E. Paige amongst others. On December 1996, it was staged on the scene of Donmar Warehouse. The show lasted for 3 months. Director is D. Leveaux, choreographer is J. Butterell. The show had cast: L. Lamb, S. Fellows, C. Burt, S. Kestelman, E. David, J. Galloway & D. Laye.

In April 2003 at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre stage has been premiered a new Broadway production. 238 shows were made under directing of D. Leveaux with choreography by J. Butterell. Cast included: A. Banderas, J. Stamos, M. S. Masterson, J. Krakowski, S. Gettelfinger, C. Rivera, E. Kitt, L. Benanti & R. Luker. In 2011, the show took place on the stage of Phoenix Theatre. Musical had been showed in 9 countries. The productions were nominated for several awards: Broadway (1982) – Tony (12 nominations, 5 wins), Drama Desk (9 nom., 8 wins), Theatre World (1 win); London (1996) – Laurence Olivier; Broadway (2003) – Tony (8 nom., 2 wins), Drama Desk (6 nom., 3 wins), Theatre World (2 wins).
Release date: 2003
Last Update:June, 25th 2016

Nine Lyrics

  1. Act 1
  2. Overture Delle Donne Lyrics
  3. Germans At The Spa Lyrics
  4. Not Since Chaplin Lyrics
  5. Guido's Song Lyrics
  6. My Husband Makes Movies Lyrics
  7. A Call from the Vatican Lyrics
  8. Only With You Lyrics
  9. The Script Lyrics
  10. Folies Bergeres Lyrics
  11. Nine Lyrics
  12. Ti Voglio Bene/Be Italian Lyrics
  13. The Bells of St. Sebastian Lyrics
  14. Act 2
  15. A Man Like You Lyrics
  16. Unusual Way Lyrics
  17. Contini Submits Lyrics
  18. The Grand Canal Lyrics
  19. Every Girl in Venice Lyrics
  20. Amor Lyrics
  21. Only You Lyrics
  22. Finale Lyrics
  23. Simple Lyrics
  24. Be On Your Own Lyrics
  25. I Can't Make This Movie Lyrics
  26. Getting Tall Lyrics
  27. Reprises Lyrics

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