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Narnia Musical Lyrics

Narnia description

The musical is based on the well-known works of C. S. Lewis. The script is designed by J. Tasca. Lyrics by T. Drachman, music by T. Tierney. The first show of the play took place in early December 1986 at the PCPA Theaterfest’s stage during the California Theatre Fest. From August 8th to 17th, 2008, the show was presented in the Arlington Theatre. The musical was held at Springfield’s Little Theatre stage in December of 2008. Director and choreographer was one person – L. Dunn. The cast involved: B. Cain, K. Vaughan, A. McCormick, E. McClain, S. Cummings, A. Jarvis, A. Willadsen & S. Judkins among others.

From March to April 2011, the musical was held on the stage of Julia Morgan Center with the participation of Berkeley Playhouse. Directed by J. Tracy, musical director was A. Dalton. The performance had such cast: A. Rollins-Mullens, C. Loriaux, A. Franklin, D. Dry, W. Reicher, M. Bach, M. B. Austin, R. Davis, M. Gibboney & T. Rucker among others. The next performance was shown in December 2014 on the stage of the Canadian Central Studio Theatre. The musical casted: G. Lalonde, D. Coburn, T. Charlebois & M. Speer amongst others.
Release date: 2008
Last Update:May, 31st 2016

Narnia Lyrics

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