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Myths And Hymns Musical Lyrics

Myths And Hymns description

The creator of the musical is A. Guettel. The works are based on Greek myths & lyrics that have been found in the ancient hymnal. Initially production had a different name. Off-Broadway premiere was staged in the Public Theater. The show was held from March to April in 1998 with 16 performances, directed by T. Landau. The cast involved: V. Cherry, A. Golden, T. McCarthy, J. Llana, B. Stillman & L. Clayton. This theatrical does not have traceable storyline.

In the mid of 2007 at London's Finborough Theatre, there was the premiere of this play. It was planned to exhibit only twice – April 29th and 6th of May, but because of large number of requests from spectators, show was prolonged with 2 more exhibitions. Director of these productions was T. Cooper. Music editor – J. Hood. In the musical played: C. Purnell, A. Gray, H. Holder, C. Sheen, D. Randall & L. Craig.

A reworked version of the histrionics with a new name went to the stage of New York Prospect Theater in February 2012. The director and screenwriter was E. Lucas. This performance had the story line. Such actors were involved: L. Balgord, A. Larsen, B. Stillman, L. Steele, M. Farcher & D. J. Foreman. The show took place on the stage of Chicago BoHo Theatre from June to July 2014. Director was P. Robel. The cast involved: S. Charles, M. McNabb, S. Souza, K. Webb, N. Stratman & E. Telford.

The original musical was a collection of songs that were based on Greek myths and biblical theme. The author tried, using his work, to get people to think about the meaning of life, and what place takes the faith in Almighty in the life.
Release date: 1998
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Myths And Hymns Lyrics

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