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Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The Musical Lyrics

Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The description

R. Holmes became the author of original project. Duration of this version was 3.5 hours. Then J. Papp has suggested making show as part of a festival. After that, there was an idea to make long performance on Broadway, but the first original spectacular took place in Delacorte in 1985. Actors rehearsed only 3 weeks. The composer has thought over the majority of scenes of performance.

After festival work, the Broadway version was created. The same actors participated in it. In total, musical included 32 songs. The show was opened in December, 1985. Its name has been reduced. Since then the musical is called simply – ‘Drood’. This version of performance has been shown within two years. G. Daniele became responsible for choreography. Actors were the following: G. Rose, C. Laine, J. Herrera, H. McGillin, P. Cohenour, and J. Schneider.

In 1988, the musical began the first North America tour. It consisted of corrected version of the show. R. Marshall became the creator. During a break in tour, one of actors, G. Rose, was killed. C. Revill has replaced him. Earlier he played in West End versions. In 2007, the audience saw the new version of the show created by T. Craig. Display lasted 1 year. In 2012 in West End Theater, there was one more play, with participation of such actors: W. Peters, N. Day, D. Robinson and V. Farley. The production was directed by M. Gould. The latest version of the musical has been remade in Studio 54. C. Rivera, S. Block, W. Chase, J. Norton & G. Edelmann took part in it.

The performance received 5 Tony Awards & 10 Drama Desks. In total, it was nominated for 22 Drama Desk Awards and 19 Tonies.
Release date: 1985
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

Mystery Of Edwin Drood, The Lyrics

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