My Name will always be Alice Musical Lyrics

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My Name will always be Alice Lyrics

  1. All Girl Band
  2. A...My Name Is Alice Poems   add
  3. At My Age At My Age Video  add
  4. Trash Trash Video  add
  5. Sensitive New Age Guys
  6. Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson Video  add
  7. Watching All the Pretty Young Men Watching All the Pretty Young Men Video  add
  8. Portrait Portrait Video  add
  9. I'm Bluer Than You   add
  10. Painted Ladies Scene Painted Ladies Scene Video  add
  11. Wheels Wheels Video  add
  12. French Monologue   add
  13. French Song French Song Video  add
  14. Once and Only Thing Once and Only Thing Video  add
  15. Honeypot Honeypot Video  add
  16. Friends Friends Video  add
  17. Lifelines Lifelines Video  add

This musical is A revue. Creators are J. Micklin Silver and J. Boyd. For the first time the show was staged in 1983 in New York. It lasted from November to March 1984. L. Godfrey, R. Graff, P. Pen, and G. Roberts became the first actors who have played in this theatrical. The following actorsā€™ structure included R. Brown, M. Graff, G. Murray & C. Woodard. Such composers as D. Zippel, D. Katsaros, W. Holzman, took part in creation of this show. In total, 21 songs sounded here. Y. Adrian became the choreographer. The musical was awarded with Outer Critics Circle as the best revue.

A format of the show represents various scenes of women. They all are several ages old. One of them is a little girl and other ā€“ old woman. Usually the names of heroines aren't told. Instead, number names, for example, the 'actress 1' is used. Often they list names of their friends and relatives in format of alphabet and tell about their life.
Release date: 1995
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