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Album lyrics:
  1. All Girl Band
  2. A...My Name Is Alice Poems 
  3. At My Age At My Age Video
  4. Trash Trash Video
  5. Sensitive New Age Guys
  6. Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson Video
  7. Watching All the Pretty Young Men Watching All the Pretty Young Men Video
  8. Portrait Portrait Video
  9. I'm Bluer Than You 
  10. Painted Ladies Scene Painted Ladies Scene Video
  11. Wheels Wheels Video
  12. French Monologue 
  13. French Song French Song Video
  14. Once and Only Thing Once and Only Thing Video
  15. Honeypot Honeypot Video
  16. Friends Friends Video
  17. Lifelines Lifelines Video

My Name will always be Alice synopsis

My Name will always be Alice Synopsis - Broadway musical

The show features songs and sketches performed by women of different ages and types in a wide variety of situations and relationships with insight, empathy and self deprecating humour.

Each of the five member cast "introduces" herself by reciting an adult update on the children's ABC rhyme. One example:

"A ... my name is Alice,
And my husband's name is Adam,
And his girlfriend's name is Amy,
And my lover's name is Abby,
And her husband's name is Arnie,
And his boyfriend's name is Allan,
And my analyst's name is Arthur,
And we're working on my anger".
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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