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Album lyrics:
  1. All Girl Band
  2. A...My Name Is Alice Poems 
  3. At My Age At My Age Video
  4. Trash Trash Video
  5. Sensitive New Age Guys
  6. Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson Welcome to Kindergarten, Mrs. Johnson Video
  7. Watching All the Pretty Young Men Watching All the Pretty Young Men Video
  8. Portrait Portrait Video
  9. I'm Bluer Than You 
  10. Painted Ladies Scene Painted Ladies Scene Video
  11. Wheels Wheels Video
  12. French Monologue 
  13. French Song French Song Video
  14. Once and Only Thing Once and Only Thing Video
  15. Honeypot Honeypot Video
  16. Friends Friends Video
  17. Lifelines Lifelines Video

My Name will always be Alice review

My Name will always be Alice Review - Broadway musical

Sometimes the viewer goes on musical action, wishing to see something deprived of sense, but at the same time fascinating and flamboyant. If the person is one of such audience, then he or she will like 'My Name will always be Alice' by all means.

The musical strikes with its ease and brightness. It is worth noting that the show is created in format of revue. Despite this, it can seem to the viewer that all performance is a single whole. All this occurs because actresses harmoniously supplement each other. People can think that they observe history of the same woman during different periods of her life – from childhood to maturity. Perhaps, this is true. What did creators want to tell, besides of a life story, is unknown. However, one thing can be told precisely: they managed to create a remarkable set of sketches of 21 songs.

As for music in the show, it is tremendous. It is especially necessary to note All Girl Band, which sounds at beginning of the show when all five actresses sing the inflaming song in brilliant dresses. Of course, the main emphasis of the musical is placed on songs. As for choreography, the viewer shouldn't expect fiery dances. However, it doesn't mean that it becomes boring because of it.

The visual part of this play is also of a high level. There is a desire to tell many good words to the designer of scene and suits. Thanks to various clothes, actresses instantly reincarnate in different images. So the beholder sees the young girl with mother, and then already two friends. Scenery weren't same various as suits. The reason for that – initially the spectacular was designed for a small scene. However, masterful lighting supplements and hides all the shortcomings. Design of the scene was created in style of the 80th years of America. Describing general impression from the show, it is possible to tell that this is remarkable musical for people of almost all ages.
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

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