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My Favorite Year Musical Lyrics

My Favorite Year description

The musical is a stage interpretation of the book by J. Dougherty. It tells the story of a young author of comic sketches Benjy Stone, who was lucky enough to meet and to spend a great time with his idol – actor A. Swan. Music to the project wrote S. Flaherty, lyrics were done by L. Ahrens. The show is based on the eponymous film of 1982. The main role in it sang well-known Hollywood actors: Peter O'Toole, Jessica Harper & J. Bologna.

Musical started on December 1992. The venue was chosen Vivian Beaumont Theater. Closure was one month later, in January 1993. During this period, the spectators saw 36 performances with 45 previews. The cast of the project included: E. Pappas, T. Curry, T. Mardirosian, A. Martin, J. Mostel & L. Kazan. The last one has also played the role of Benjy’s mother in the original film. The director was R. Lagomarsino. His team also included choreographer T. Walsh, set designer T. Lynch, costume designer P. Ziprodt & lighter J. Fisher. In connection with arising problems in the course of the preliminaries, the creative team was subjected to frequent changes. In 1993, the official CD album was released.
Release date: 1992
Last Update:May, 16th 2016

My Favorite Year Lyrics

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