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Moulin Rouge! Lyrics

Based on the 2001 film by Baz Luhrman, Moulin Rouge first came to the Broadway stage in 2019 in just as grand a fashion as the movie. The show follows Moulin Rouge star performer, Satine, and American man, Christian, as they navigate through a tumultuous love affair. The Moulin Rouge is going bankrupt and Harold Zeigler, the club’s owner, is willing to do whatever necessary to save his beloved show and the jobs of all involved. He sets Satine up with The Duke, a wealthy man looking for a woman to be his own. It is Harold’s hope that she is what will entice The Duke to put up the money to save the Moulin Rouge. Little did Harold know of The Dukes violent past when it came to his relationships. This puts a massive obstacle in between Christian and Satine. It leaves all wondering, “ Is it all worth it for love?” But, love always prevails, as following the Bohemian ideals of “truth”, “beauty”, “freedom”, and “love”. With a pop score from artists ranging from The Rolling Stones to Beyonce to David Bowie and more, Moulin Rouge is truly a spectacular, spectacular addition to the Broadway canon.

Release date: 2019
Last Update:July, 05th 2020

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